Thursday, August 7, 2014


Before I do anything else, I want to say thank you to EVERYONE! I can't even begin to put into words how much I appreciate the sweet words, encouragement, prayers, time, effort, and the list goes on! I say it all the time but just can't say it enough. I am blessed to have each and every one of you in my life!

SO a little life update....

I think I may have said earlier in the summer that I needed a hobby... I don't think that will be necessary anymore. I have picked up 2 hobbies: maintaining my sanity and remembering. I have NEVER been so busy and had so many things to remember. I have always been pretty good about remembering things. There's just a lot of "new" going on all at once, so hopefully I will turn back into the responsible, reliable me I am used to. SOON:)

So let me just sum up life in a nutshell...

- I kind of like the crazy...I chose the right profession

- I have slept on top of my covers all week. 1. Because I love that my bed is made. I know if I undo it to get under the covers it won't get made again until the weekend. 2. It's the only neat and tidy in my life right now...wwweeelll.. now that I look at it, it's filled with laundry that needs to be put away and random objects. It's still technically made though. Stop judging me.

- I sleep in my workout clothes to make sure I get up and workout.

- I am slowly learning how to use a coffee pot. Day 1. complete fail...stopped at Starbucks. Day 2. I made a lovely cup in my new coffee pot...apparently did it wrong and there were grounds in places they shouldn't have been. I am an expert mess maker!

- My poor parents get to see the "on edge me".Thank the Lord they love me and forgive easy.

- Technology has waged a war against me. I am LOSING!

AH needless to has been CRAZY! (These are just a few things I am willing to share;)) But in the midst of it all God steps in and reminds me to breathe! I was reading my study and the title was Breathe. Life gets tough, crazy, and down right depressing at times, and it gets completely overwhelming. I am so amazed at how perfect His timing is because I needed that reminder to just stop and take a breath. To breathe in the aroma of Christ. Of His peace and sovereignty. The only place to find rest...real in the arms of the Father. He is my Creator. He knows my limits and my needs!

"Had the Lord Jesus been far away from us, with many a stormy sea between, we should have longed to send a messenger to Him to carry Him our loves, and bring us tidings from his Father’s house; but see His kindness, He has built His house next door to ours, nay, more He takes lodging with us, and tabernacles in poor humble hearts, that so He may have perpetual communion with us.” -CH Spurgeon

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